Jennifer Athena Galatis from the beginning of her career, charted new directions for composing, pushing the boundaries of classical orchestration with the use of electronic instrumentation. Over the last decade, she has been recognized for incorporating computer-generated electronic instruments in combination with a real orchestra for film scoring.

Born in Canada, Galatis moved to Athens, Greece in 1978 as a child, and it was there where she took her first music lessons. While still at school, her work was performed in many concerts around Athens. Over the course of her career, she has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards in recognition of her achievements as an artist. Galatis is an alumni of The Juilliard School.

Galatis works are included in numerous trailers, documentaries, TV shows, and films. Her classical music works have been featured on CBC radio and Radio Canada. Galatis is an Associate Professor at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and also teaches at Lasalle Music Academy in Montreal.

Galatis currently composes from Toronto Canada.

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